A different flying spot in Brasov

flying spot in Brasov

A different flying spot in Brasov


Today we would like to present you a different flying spot in Brasov . Is our soaring hill called Lempes, situated in Sânpetru village near Brasov.


flying spot in Brasov

Lempes paraghliding site

Lempes is a green hill, that some years ago has been declared a nature reservation. It is just outside Brasov in the direction North East, very easy reachable by car. Is fantastic for evening soaring, despite its low altitude with less than 120 m level difference.

For tandem flying we are using it very seldom but when is happening… we are rewarded with the best sunset you can see in our city! The take off is easy, from a grassy field at the top of the field, and id the wind is right (we can use NW or W winds) you can stay for hours soaring in the calm air. Actually for take off we have 3 options that has been used for decades: at 60 m, 90 m and 120 m.

When soaring you have to take care of the crowded traffic, especially in the summer, and also to take care of the tall pine trees just on the left of the take off. Please remember to keep the right side priority!

For the landing, we have an area just near the cultivated fields at the bottom. If you can not make it just in the designated area, then you should not worry. Just go along and find your spot near a former access road. In fact this flying spot in Brasov is used as a paragliding school hill, and from this reason you should rest assured that for landing you will find no cables or other dangers when coming to land.

When you decide to join for a flight here, please make sure you get in contact with a local pillot. We will be more than happy to help you with whatever questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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