For paragliding pilots but not only we offer a series of tours that will suit your taste for adventure:


1. Transylvania Flying Tours are paragliding tours intended for both experiences and novice pilots willing to spend 7 days flying in the Carpathians mountains in the safest way possible. We will offer accommodation, driving to the take-off, after flight retrieval and many more.
2. Your Guide is a programme intended for those paragliding pilots willing to choose their own way! You will join local pilots and we will set at your disposal a driver and a car to show you the best take off places arround and remain at your service for the retrieval if the case. You will have access to information about take-off and landing, daily condition and many more..
3. Castle Tour is a 2 day tour for flying and non-flying friends willing to discover the magic that Transylvania has to offer. We will show you Brand and Rasnov fortresses, Peles castle and the medieval city of Sighisoara. Do not miss!



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