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Tandem Flights

Dare to fly ! Join us for an incredible adventure in flight over the green forests. You do not need any special training to fly as a paragliding tandem passenger, but just a drop of courage.


If you realized the free flight is your next "must do" in life, we are here to guide your steps (and your wings) ! You will learn the art of paragliding from the scratch or according to your present skills.

About us

We are a team of paragliding pilots (instructors, tandem pilots, cross country addicts and leisure pilots), passionate of everything related to the free flight and the joy of being up there.

Make a present !

Someone's birthday, or just a nice surprise for a dear friend ? Whatever the case, offer her or him a magic gift: a tandem paragliding flight! Use our form to receive an electronic voucher and offer it as a present.

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