Terms & conditions

1. Minimal conditions for paragliding as passenger

  • We accept passenger with body weight between 35-100 kg.
  • There is no age limit, but the children will fly with the written agreement of both parents.
  • Passengers will be requested to make a few running steps for the take off and similar for the landing. However, there are no other special physical requirements.
  • if passenger suffer from motion sickness, it should inform the pilot prior to the take off. We will provide motion sickness pills.
  • There is a minimal outfit (equipement) that any passenger should have when joining a paragliding flight: trecking shoes or sport shoes with adherent sole. Long trousers and long sleeve jacket, even in the summer. For the winter, please came dress accordingly to the season, one of the best outfit being a ski-suit.

2. Reserving a flight

A paragliding flight can be reserved at any time by phone, email or by completing a form in one of our websites. Please be aware that we are 100% depending on weather condition, mostly on wind speed and intensity, and this being said, please note that any reservation can be re-confirmed with maximum 48 hrs prior to the scheduled flight.

For your safety we reserve the right to re-schedule or cancel your scheduled flight in any moment if the weather condition deteriorate in such a way that can put a threat to flight safety!

Our team: Zborparapanta.ro and Zbortandem.ro can not  reimburse any costs with the transport or accommodation in case of flight cancellation or rescheduling due to the weather forecast.

3. Flight safety

We fly only with excellent condition gear. All our flight equipments (para glider, helmet, harnesses, reserve parachute) are certified for use in airborne sport and are verified periodically. All our pilots holds valid tandem pilot licence and have made hundred of flights both with passenger and as solo pilots, just to make you rest assured that you are in good hands! For a plus of safety we always carry with us a reserve parachute!

Despite all our safety measures, incidents can occur, most of them due to passenger not following strictly pilot indications, at the take off and landing. Under these circumstances please be advised that the decision of practicing this sport is ultimately yours and by doing so you agree that under no circumstances our pilots or our company will be hold liable of any possible injuries of the passenger, and the passenger will not request any form of compensation in case of accident.