Macpara Pasha 6 review

Macpara Pasha 6

Macpara Pasha 6 review

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To start this story on Macpara Pasha 6 tandem I would first start by telling that I am a tandem pilot with over 1500 flights in the last 6 years, flying if not daily, then for sure very often. I have 65 kg as a pilot, and I am coming from a rather well balanced 40 m BGD Dual I have consider that my next tandem wing should be about the same, and here I come, ordering a new Macpara Pasha 6 tandem in size 39 (110 to 190 kg). For me a 42 size would definitely be too much.

Since I bought this wing I think I have put a good 18-20 hours on it having around 40 take-offs and landings. The flights were all in alpine environment, and exclusively in Romanian Carpathians mountains in various condition. From top bottom with various size passengers to strong and narrow thermals as they usually are around the city of Brasov in the spring. And so – how does this wing feels like?

The first thing that came to my mind after my first flights is that this is NOT a easy going wing. The tandems I flew before there were all either very dull, either extremely easy to handle, in other words would make you feel like in a flying sofa. But Macpara Pasha 6 did not, or at least not from the very first flights. Is a wings that require some time to get accustomed with, with a light pressure in the brakes (for a tandem of course) and quite lively movement of roll and pitch – again, compared with other tandems, not with a solo wing.

The take off is a non event, the wing comes superbly above our head, not much pressure on A’s is needed. This is for sure also an advantage of using light materials. So, this is a strong point for Pasha 6. Another strong point is definitely its ability to climb into thermals. She likes to center the core without much effort, and is effective even in weak lift.  In strong lift, one will need higher backing angle to maintain the wing into the core, and is not unusual for the external wingtip to flip around. As I have mentioned a light pressure on the controls, this is another advantage that can make a good pilot and a strong stomach passenger stay for as much as they wish.

After a nice climb with a good thermal, here we are on the cloud base with a big smile, in other words a Happy Cloud mood and the time to push for the next thermal. But what to push? The trimmers release, of course! I did so and the smile disappear. I realize that the 47 km/h max speed given in the wing manual is exactly this – a 47 km/h… It is basically the speed of an ENA wing and nothing more, and not much helpful for a quick transition. In my very personal opinion this would add as a minus for this otherwise beautiful Macpara Pasha 6 tandem.

And here it comes the landing. Well, you don’t need a lot of speed to flare this lightweight construction wing, in fact is quite easy to have always a successful landing with Pasha 6. Againg I found that learning its tricks on landing is not as intuitively as I initialy immagine, but once you understand the required speed and altitude for best flare, the wing will listen carefully pilot inputs.


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To sum up I believe that Macpara Pasha 6 is a good tandem wing, one that deserve every attention.

It is very easy to take it off the ground and again easy to land it, even with heavy passengers. Is a light pressure brake, very responsive wing, but one wing that require slightly more attention from the pilot than a regular tandem. Is a lively wing, not dull for sure but not one that is moving excessively, either.

Macpara Pasha 6 is constructed with all the good technologies that has proved to be right. It features the shark nose, plastic rods doubled with mylar in the leading edge with a mix of materials for the upper and lower sail, with unsheathed lines in the upper cascade and many others that you will find by reading the description on Macpara website. In other words, a good load of technology, but not with revolutionary features in mind

A minus to this construction is however the speed range. Is a rather slow tandem, even with full trimmers released, and therefore I would not recommend this wing in areas with a lot of wind. For the rest of the world is just fine the way it is, no complains about it.

Pasha 6 is an excellent thermal climber, with good centering of the core, and effortless for a tandem pilot. Be prepared to allow a bit more banking angle in strong lift and don’t be surprised if the wingtips will flap around.


Am I happy with my choice? Yes I am. Will I buy it the second time? Probably yes, but let it pass the test of time. With the only draw back of maximum speed, the rest of the construction is very well balanced with a nice feeling overall. If the price would be also competitive in the future, then is one of the very good tandems you could buy (I would say in top 5)

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