New payment method

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New payment method

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Well yes, we admit is not a big deal for a modern online business like ours. In fact is a normality to be able to pay online by card for your services.

But I know that for our clients will make a difference ! I remember the countless times we asked you, just before your paragliding flight to go for a cash machine to calculate the exchange rates and so on.. Now we leave this behind and we are stepping in the era of digital normality.

Starting now, you will be re-directed to a secure shop page on our sister-site HappyCloud were you can reserve and pay in complete confidence you next paragliding flight in Brasov. You will be able to use virtually any type of international Visa or MasterCard or you can initiate a bank transfer.

You have done it already ? Then let the adventure begins!

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Basic flight from Bunloc

One hour total time, air time of 10-15 min. Bunloc peak (1200m alt.)

from April to October

Basic flight from Postavaru

One hour total time, 15-20 min air time. Postavaru Peak in Poiana Brasov (1800m alt.)

from December to March (winter season), weekdays only – year round.

Long flight Bunloc

total time of 90-120 min, with airtime of min 30 min.

from April to October. Passengers weight 45-80 kg only

Long flight Postavaru

total time of 90-120 min, with airtime of min 30 min

Year round in weekdays. Passengers weight 45-80 kg only

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